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While dental fillings can provide an excellent way to repair a decayed or damaged tooth, they don’t always provide the right solution for rebuilding a strong, functional one. When too much tooth structure is compromised by dental decay, trauma, root canals, or habitual clenching and grinding, a filling just won’t do.  In these situations, a dental crown, more commonly referred to as a cap, provides a better way to restore the involved tooth's integrity, function, and appearance.

A crown is a tooth-shaped "cap" which is used to entirely cover a damaged tooth.  Aside from restoring the tooth's shape and size, a crown provides strength and improves the tooth's appearance.  Additionally, crowns are used on top of a dental implant to add function, structure and a tooth-like shape.

There are several different materials used in crowns:

  • porcelain

  • ceramic

  • zirconia

  • metal

  • composite resin

  • a combination of materials

When selecting the material for your crown, your dentist will consider factors such as:

  • your tooth’s location

  • how much of the tooth will show when you smile

  • position of your gum tissue

  • function of the tooth that needs the crown

  • how much natural tooth is remaining

  • color of the surrounding teeth

dental crowns dentist in Warren, NJ



Dentist in Warren, NJ

Successful outcomes of care depend on careful treatment planning and paying close attention to a patient’s smile goals and expectations of care. Whether you need a dental crown or one of the many other services we provide, you can count on our office to explain your best options in care and to address all your questions and concerns every step of the way.

A dental crown is a full-coverage restoration that replicates the form and function of a natural tooth. It’s often recommended in the following the situations:

  • To repair and rebuild a tooth with extensive structural damage due to decay or trauma

  • To replace a large or broken filling

  • To restore a dental implant

  • To provide full coverage for the abutment teeth, serving as the supporting ends of a traditional dental bridge

  • To strengthen and protect a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy

  • To improve the look of an undersized, slightly misaligned, darkly stained, or misshapen tooth

  • To address bite discrepancies



Dentist in Warren, NJ

Years of multicolored restorations can be beautifully replaced with porcelain crowns to give a natural, much younger look.

Old, discolored, failed resin bondings. Treatment: Replaced with 8 all ceramic crowns.

Badly broken down teeth and failed ceramometal crowns were replaced by beautiful, all ceramic crowns to create a smile that enabled this patient to regain the confidence she required to succeed.

And note the attractive and natural, new color!


Dentist in Warren, NJ
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