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Dentist in Warren, NJ

Badly broken down teeth and failed crowns were replaced by beautiful, all ceramic crowns to create a smile that enabled this patient to regain the confidence she required to succeed.

Look at that attractive and natural, new color!

Chipped and discolored teeth are made totally natural in appearance in just two visits. This patient wanted the natural not ultra white look. By eliminating the chips and multi colored appearance of just four worn teeth, ceramic crowns provided exactly what this patient desired.

Whitening of all the teeth and porcelain crowns on the two front teeth created a whole new smile.

Years of multicolored restorations can be be beautifully replaced with porcelain crowns to give a natural, much younger look.

Failed, old, and discolored resin bondings are replaced with 8 all ceramic crowns. Gorgeous smile!

Badly fractured and disclored front teeth are replaced with 4 front all ceramic crowns.

This smile featured chipped and mismatched colors.  We transformed it with 8 all ceramic crowns.

Beautiful 8 all ceramic crowns restored the youth to this once discolored, worn and uneven smile.

This new smile was created with 6 all ceramic crowns.

Fractured teeth and loss of one tooth due to accident. This smile was restored with one implant and 3 individual all ceramic crowns.

This misaligned smile and unattractive bite was corrected by 4 all ceramic crowns.

Badly broken down lower front teeth were restored with individual all ceramic crowns.

Broken down and missing teeth were treated with all ceramic crowns and removable partial upper denture.

Badly broken down and worn front teeth were restored with 7 beautiful all ceramic crowns.

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