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Dentist in Warren, NJ

Badly broken down teeth and failed crowns were replaced by beautiful, all ceramic crowns to create a smile that enabled this patient to regain the confidence she required to succeed.

Look at that attractive and natural, new color!

Small lateral incisors (the ones next to the front teeth) can detract from a smile. In one visit with directly bonded composite veneering, this smile reached it full, beautiful potential.

In just weeks, without orthodontics, we were able to create a straight, white smile in an almost impossible situation. All in time for a beautiful wedding!!!

Short, unattractive, discolored teeth can be made beautiful. These beautiful, porcelain veneers gave our patient the confidence she deserved and gave her a reason to smile. Notice how much longer and whiter the result is and how natural.

We took years off this smile using Invisalign, teeth whitening, and beautiful porcelain crowns.

This patient had only 14 days to remake her smile. We removed all the poor bonding material, completed two root canals, placed two posts, and completed 5 porcelain crowns. ALL IN 12 DAYS. What a dramatic change with more to come!

Old, worn bondings are replaced with gorgeous porcelain crowns.

A new, younger smile can be achieved by replaced yellowed, worn bondings with beautiful porcelain veneers.

Badly stained teeth from medication taken as a child prevented this patient from confidently smiling.

With porcelain veneers, we were able to whiten the teeth while hiding the stains and eliminate all unsightly spaces.

Worn teeth make you look older than you have to be. Porcelain veneers give a younger, more vibrant look.

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