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Non-Surgical Treatment

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Non-Surgical Treatment

When periodontal disease is detected early in its onset, conservative or non-surgical methods of  care in combination with improved hygiene routines can restore  periodontal health. While periodic, professional cleanings are sufficient to maintain periodontal health in patients that do not have gum disease, once gingivitis is present, deeper cleanings and possibly other non-surgical methods of care are recommended to treat the condition.

The American  Academy of Periodontology emphasizes achieving periodontal health by  means of the least invasive and cost effective treatment approaches to  care. Deeper cleanings, which include Scaling and Root planing, are  non-surgical procedures that are considered the first line of defense  against the progression of periodontal disease.

With scaling  and root planing, any plaque and tartar (hardened dental plaque) that  have accumulated below the gumline are carefully removed and then the  root surfaces of the teeth are smoothed. Since periodontal disease is an  inflammatory response to plaque, tartar and bacterial toxins, by simply  mechanically eliminating these agents, the progression of gum disease  can be halted. In addition to removing plaque and tartar with a scaling  and root planing procedure, antimicrobial medication placed under the  gumline or systemic medications can be used as adjuncts to care to  further reduce the bacterial population.

If  non-surgical approaches to managing periodontal disease do not achieve  the desired outcome, surgery may be recommended to halt its progression  and repair damage as possible.

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