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Ask a Dentist: Will My Teeth Fall Out From Receding Gums?

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Will my teeth fall out from receding gums?

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In theory someone's teeth can fall out from receding gums (gingiva). Aggressive periodontitis can happen at any age- teens or twenties. Chronic periodontitis tends to happen at a much older age. Chronic periodontitis is more common then aggressive periodontitis;

However, our habits also affect the our gums. A hard bristle tooth brush and heavy handed brushing will cause someone's gums to recede as well. This type of recession usually has sensitivity long before teeth get loose enough to fall out though.

Since there are a few things that can cause receding gums, it would be in your best interest to get an evaluation from a dentist (usually at no cost) & you will have a better idea of what is causing your receding gums and how best to prevent any teeth from falling out.

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