Ask a Dentist: Are veneers better than dental crowns?

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Are veneers better than dental crowns?

Dental Crowns

Asking if veneers are better than crowns is a great dental question! However, the answer, is not that straight forward. Since veneers are being discussed, let's use a healthy front tooth that only needs cosmetic work as an example.

It's important to keep in mind that the answer to this question is very dependent on the type of tooth, what is wrong with the tooth (whether only cosmetic or if there is decay involved), and the type of patient you are (do you like going to the dentist or do you have anxiety?).


The Pros and Cons to a Veneer on a Front Tooth

The Pros of a Veneer:

  • Veneers will have better aesthetics and will mimic the look of natural teeth better compared to a crown

  • Less tooth structure will need to be removed to place a veneer

  • Can be completed in 1 to 2 appointments, normally

The Cons of a Veneer:

  • The retention of the veneer is not as strong as a crown

  • The veneer may not be able to hide all unaesthetic areas as well as a crown

  • Higher possibility that the veneer will come off (say, from biting into an apple)

The Pros and Cons to a Crown on a Front Tooth

The Pros of a Crown:

  • A dental crown is much strong and will have better retention than a veneer.

  • A crown offers more tooth coverage and will hide a tooth that is aesthetically unpleasing to look at better than a veneer.

  • Less likely to come off

The Cons of a Crown:

  • A crown will not have as good of aesthetics as a veneer.

  • More tooth structure will need to be removed to place a crown than a veneer.

  • Multiple appointments will be needed. Impressions will need to be taken. A temporary crown will need to be made, etc.

As you can see, in many ways, veneers and crowns are opposites of each other. Veneers are a much better option to change a tooth that only needs cosmetic correcting (change the color, hide gaps, etc) whereas crowns are a better option when a tooth is structurally compromised or has decay. Depending on what your goals are and what type of patient you are a veneer may be a better option than a crown, or vice versa.

Good luck!

Dr. William Scott


The Star Dental Group in Warren, NJ

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