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Dentist in Warren, NJ

We want you and your child to feel comfortable when they go to the dentist, especially if this is their first visit, which is why we follow the below steps to help ensure it's a pleasant experience for everyone.


Dentist in Warren, NJ

Meet and Greet

To help your child feel comfortable, we will introduce ourself as well as explain each step of the checkup with your child.  We will show him/her the tools she'll be using, and for young children, assure him/her that he/she can sit on Mommy's or Daddy's lap as well as stop any procedure if he/she is nervous.  At any point, we are happy to address your questions and concerns.

Counting Teeth

Since some dental equipment can make scary noises, especially the spitting cup and the suction straw, we will show your child how it works and how to use it properly.  We will then put on gloves and a mask to count your child's teeth and can demonstrate either on a model or on you first, before putting his fingers in your child's mouth.

Squeaky Clean

Using a rotary toothbrush, we will let your child see and hear the brush before it's even placed in his/her mouth to help put him/her at ease.  With the parent's permission, we may apply a coat of topical fluoride as the final step.  Remember, a child should not eat or drink for 30 minutes after treatment.

Time for a Prize

Here at The Star Dental Group, we want your child to think the dentist's office is a fun place.  After each visit, we welcome your child to pick a prize from our treasure chest.

Dr. Scott at The Star Dental Group in Warren, NJ will be happy to discuss your child's oral health development at any point during your visit, which can include:

  • Caring for an infant's or toddler's mouth

  • Proper use of fluoride

  • Oral habits, including finger or thumb sucking

  • Ways to prevent accidents that could damage the face and teeth

  • Teething and milestones of development

  • How diet affects oral health

dentist for kids in Warren, NJ
beautiful smile dentist in Warren, NJ
Dentist in Warren, NJ


You Restored My Faith

[Dr. Scott] you restored my faith in your profession.  I am very happy to meet your team and am looking forward to seeing you next time. Thanks for building up my ego- I have a smile- a beautiful smile.

-Elizabeth R.


Dentist in Warren, NJ
45+ Reviews
from Google, Facebook & Yelp.

Terrific Job with Covid

[The Star Dental Group is] doing a terrific job with Covid regulations and procedures. What’s amazing is they’re able to do this and still maintain the same comfortable atmosphere within the office.
I have been coming here for 30 + years and still receive the same excellent level of care!  Now that’s not something you could say about other practitioners—-for sure!
A+ for all your great work, Star Dental.

-Linda B.


I Left Feeling Confident

Dr. Scott did a very thorough job explaining my treatment options and the pro's and con's of each. His staff did an excellent job getting me an appointment on short notice, and I left his office feeling confident I had been treated competently and fairly.  I have already recommended Dr. Scott to friends and family.
-Mark M.



Dentist in Warren, NJ
The Star Dental Group is accepting new patients!
Regardless if you are looking for a free second opinion or just moved to the area, we're here to help.  We service Warren, Watchung, Martinsville, Bridgewater, Basking Ridge and Bernardsville.
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