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Dental Checkups

Dentist in Warren, NJ

Dental Checkups

By scheduling a periodic appointment for a checkup and professional dental cleaning,  your dentist can help to keep your smile looking good and functioning  at its best. At every checkup visit, your medical and dental histories  are carefully reviewed and a comprehensive examination of your mouth,  jaws, and surrounding areas of the head and neck is performed. While  checking for the development of common dental conditions such as tooth  decay and gum disease and doing a screening for oral cancer, your dentist will also make note of any signs of problematic health issues that may have originated elsewhere in the body.

Experiencing dry mouth, bad breath, gum problems,  ulcerations or other oral lesions may be indicative of a serious  underlying systemic condition. As part of a comprehensive clinical exam,  the dentist will assess the function of your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and your bite (occlusion) for any impairment or misalignment. The consequences of various dietary  choices, eating disorders, harmful habits, certain medications and inadequate oral hygiene practices may also be detected at this time.

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