Ask a Dentist: Why does my filling hurt when I chew?

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Why does my filling hurt when I chew?

There are a few things that can cause the teeth with fillings in them to hurt, including; filling is slightly too high, filling is too close to the pulp chamber (center of the tooth where the nerve and blood vessels are), or there is a cavity or decay underneath of the filling.

First of all, if the fillings are relatively new, it is a good chance that the filling is slightly too high. When the filling was placed there was most likely local anesthesia (numbing) involved. By the time the filling was completed, the local anesthesia still had not worn off so it is hard to tell if the filling is a little high. This is especially possible if there were multiple fillings done at the same time. This is common right after the fillings are done, but it can be some time after as well.

Secondly, sometimes the cavity in the tooth gets too close to the pulp chamber (were the nerve and blood vessels sit). This usually causes discomfort all the time but it can gradually get worse over time when chewing (micro fractures can occur in the tooth around the filling). The filling may be moving around as well.

Finally, fillings can start to hurt if they get a cavity underneath of them. Most of the time the filling will look intact but there is a small cavity underneath of it allowing the bacteria to make the tooth sensitive. This is less likely if it is more then one filling.

These are just some of the common causes for a filling to hurt. It is best to have them evaluated by a doctor. It could be as simple as a small adjustment that only takes a few minutes.

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